Our mission

We work to transform the way of medical care into patient centered and noninvasive by applying our knowledge and experience

beginning of the story

You have got the magical focused ultrasound table (MRgFUS), but the team of manufacturer proctors performed twenty operations together and left you alone with the multipage equipment manual and a phone number for urgent calls.

You have been feeling loneliness, frustration, and disappointment. We are here to help…

Our experience

Essential Tremor Treatment
Parkinson’s Disease (Tremor dominant form)
Parkinson’s Disease (Non tremor dominant)
Holmes Tremor
Neuropathic pain
Lance-Adams syndrome

Our Services

We have unique experience in neuro MRgFUS technology that we share


We share our experience and knowledge through this blog. You can join our society. We are happy to new friends and teammembers.


We treat patients from all over the world with essential tremor, Parkinson's disease, dystonia. We treated patients with movement disorders from more than 13 countries.


We help centers that are starting to implement the MRgFUS. We have the first in the world experience of remote MRgFUS proctorship.

130 +
MRgFUS treated patients
13 +
2 +
Years of MRgFUS experience
7 +
types of nosologies
Rezida Galimova
Igor Buzaev
interventional radiologist

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