Practical tips for MRGFUS treatment (Online Book)

The book cover

An easy book how to do MRGFUS without Fuss

You have received a magic table of focused ultrasound. The manufacturer installed it. The Insightec proctor team, after performing twenty MRgFUS procedures with you, safely retired, leaving you with a 100500-page thick manual for the equipment and an emergency phone number.

The first twenty patients were carefully selected and treated in a few days according to the good-old protocol approved by the manufacturer. Most patients had essential tremors and were less than 65 years of age. All treatments were carried out quickly and without complications.

And now you are left alone with complex equipment.

What will you do? Who will you call for help?

In our case, the situation was even more complicated. The 2019 coronavirus epidemic made it impossible for us to have proctors come to our center, but for us, it was a matter of survival, and this is how we got out of the situation.

Errors and problems that arise in medicine affect patients. It can be one of your hundred cases, but it is the only case out of one for the patient. Knowledge can prevent these problems.

Let the knowledge and experience we have collected during this time serve you and your patients.

Our MRGFUS team at the moment of certification for solo treatments

Rezida Galimova

The director of the first in Russia MRGFUS neurosurgery centre. Neurosurgeon. PhD. LSS black belt. The first woman MRgFUS neurosurgeon.

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