Practical tips for MRGFUS treatment (Online Book)

preparing-for-the-mrgfus-treatment Preparing to the MRGFUS treatment

What do you need for successful starting MRgFUS treatment?

Here is the not to forget list to prepare for your first MRgFUS procedure. Perhaps at first glance, you will think that something is excessive here, but everything listed here came in handy more than once. Two years of experience and more than a hundred patients are the base of this sheet.

1. Facility

2. Equipment

            a) Main equipment

                        – the focused ultrasound treatment device with a helmet

                        – the MRI machine, compatible with this device

                        – stereotactic frame, compatible with FUS device

            b) Additional equipment

                        – an electric suction with a tie

                        – a defibrillator with a tie

                        – an oxygen concentrator with a tie

                        – electric trimmer and shaver

                        – an ambu bag valve mask (BVM)

                        – scissors (for membrane adjustment)

                        – glucometer

                        – videocamera

                        – ECG with a tie

3. The team

            – a neurosurgeon

            – a neurologist

            – a MRI-imaging doctor

            – a technician


            – therapist

            – nurse

4. Disposals

      a) preparation of the devices

            – a daily quality assurance (DQA) phantom

            – clean filtered water tank for filling the FUS machine with water

            – special detergent for cleaning FUS machine watersystem

      b) for the patient

            – 1 patient membrane with a coil (Insightec)

            – four 2 ml syringes with anaesthetic

            – skin marker

            – 4 skin plasters

            – peripheral venous catheter set

            – compression stockings

            – pampers

            – glucometer with testing set

      c) drugs

            – resuscitation set

            – allergic shock set

            – hypotensives

            – antiemetic (ondansetron, metoclopramide)

            – glucosae 5%, crystalloid fluids

            – painkillers, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory group (NSAIDs)

– dexamethasone for injections

      d) intraprocedural patient testing

            – 10 sheets with spiral test and writing

            – a bottle of water

            – a spoon

            – a toothpick (senses)

            – a piece of cotton wool

            – a pencil or a pen

      e) log

            – MRgFUS safety checklist sheet

            – a notebook with a pen

      f) team care

            – a mug of coffee for the neurosurgeon

5. Processes and SOPs

            – case report form and protocol

            – informed consent form, protocol and videorecording

            – patient before admit process SOP

            – patient preprocedural SOP

            – patient general and neurology examination protocols

            – briefing, debriefing

            – acute care SOPs

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Igor Buzaev

The co-founder of the first in Russia MRGFUS neurosurgery centre. Doctor of Science in Medicine. Professor of surgery department of Bashkir State Medical University.

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